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Mike Harris, LPC, LAC

Helping You Revitalize Your Life!

Psychotherapy is about becoming comfortable in our own skin amid all the contradictions, underlying beliefs, and social pressures we face moment-to-moment.  

I believe people can and do recover from extreme states of mind and have devoted my lifework to facilitating transformative positive change with people suffering from conditions such as severe addiction, schizophrenia, paralyzing depression, or agoraphobia. Generally, we can meet as frequently as you like ranging to Intensive Outpatient Treatment. There are several short-term rental options in Salida, Colorado if you're motivated to travel and meet with me for Intensive Programing. 

My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is both practical and relational--blending sheer tenacity with advanced clinical training. Through a conversational approach, we will explore your life through a highly disciplined frame. We can utilize EMDR as well as participate in group therapy if you're interested. I am open to explore couples counseling if that will strengthen your relationship. 

Clinical Philosophy 

Individual, Group, Couples, and Family Therapy

Located at 222 1/2 F St, Salida, CO

Mental Health is establishing and maintaining a life worth living. We get there with a little help and our own creativity.