Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy

Tuesday 4:00-5:30pm Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy

Process Groups are a lower cost option and are based on experiential learning. 

These are here-and-now-based therapeutic groups with emphasis on direct progressive emotional communication between group members. The "Clinical Frame" contains the encounter through the following agreements:

  1. Strict confidentiality.

  2. Share the talking time so everyone gets their fair share of the talking time.

  3. Put one's thoughts, feelings, and impulses about one another into spoken words rather than actions.

  4. Avoid socializing with group members outside the group.

That's the frame. The picture consists of the ways that we all connect and distance ourselves from the other people in the group. That becomes the relational laboratory of group therapy. 

Therapy groups are contrasted to supportive-style groups that dwell on peoples' pasts, how they are a victim, and how everyone should feel sorry for them. 

I do my best to keep my groups in a therapeutic working mode rather than digressing into a supportive format. Consequently, therapy groups are never boring because who knows what someone is going to say to you next?